Recovery with Pride

Confidentiality is our priority.  Members may not discuss anything outside the group that is shared without consent of concerned member(s).  To do so discourages the willingness to share that which is necessary for a support group. 

We share personal feelings, experiences, joys, triumphs, and problems during difficult times. 

We are the experts in our own recovery.  Sharing behavior patterns and actions that we have found to be effective - or ineffective - at coping with our conditions, can help others.

Listening helps us learn from peer experts.  

We recognize that every member is as vital as we are.  Each of us has an important perspective to share and we can be encouraged, but never forced to speak.  

Kindness and support is our aim.  Members treat each other as they would want to be treated, respectfully and without judgement.  

It takes extraordinary courage for some members to reveal personal feelings.  Be sensitive to this and refrain from interrupting others while speaking or with cross-talking.

Recommending a particular course of action, physician, treatment, or medication is NOT our purpose.  Members express their personal experience in these matters.

Using 'I' statements enable us to own our issues.  Try to keep focused on yourself, your wellness or your illness rather than talking about other people.  

Using the names of others is a violation of confidentiality.

If you are sharing suicidal plans or experiencing problematic symptoms, the group facilitator may ask that you seek the help from your support system.  

Electronic gadgets are turned to vibrate of off during group.

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